Automatic Qualitative Coding

Tagging transcripts and other text and media is slow and therefore difficult to justify in the age of A.I.

A.I. summaries may be useful but are often so high level that you will tend to miss important signals.

Autolight will suggest Relevant Tags.

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In this example you will see Suggested Tags applied to customer reviews for a leading GPS product

Voice Command Functionality

Works decently, but it can be inconsistent in recognizing voice commands.
I speak clearly without an accent, but the commands aren't always recognized.
It reacts well to voice commands but sometimes fails to recognize place names.

Navigation Accuracy Concerns

The GPS is often unaware of road closures and longstanding detours.
It's slow to provide alternate routes after a missed turn.
The device should have more memory to accommodate updates given memory's low cost.

GPS Updates and Map Accuracy

My city has many new roads that the GPS hasn't updated, leading to frequent inaccuracies.
The update software for the system and maps is very problematic.
Even with updated maps, the device often fails to navigate correctly.

Alternative GPS Options

This device works even when cell service is unavailable, which is reassuring.
I use my smartphone too, but prefer this GPS for its simplicity, independence from cell service, and large display.
I have a car GPS unit but still rely on my phone's app to reach my destination accurately.

Battery Life Complaints

The battery life is extremely disappointing.
The battery has been very poor from the start.
The battery life feels weak, not reflecting its high cost.

User Interface and Ease of Use

The GPS often falls off the windshield because the suction cup doesn't hold up in the heat.
The onscreen keyboard often registers the wrong keys.
The touch screen is oversensitive, but you can adapt to it.


It's easier to use the GPS's suggested hotel list than to successfully search for a specific hotel address.
The frequent chimes for low speed limits in city driving can become easy to ignore.
This GPS is good, but the touch screen may be challenging for elderly users.

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